This Web Site is run by Touhou Event Statistics Comittee (representative : Kamijo Sachi, Circle-Goka). We are assembling data and imformation of Touhou Project only Event. The Data shown in this page is compiled by interested volunteers, not official information rereased by Touhou event organizer. If you have any questions about Touhou event statistics or other activities of us, please contact with Circle-Goka (twitter:@ci_goka, E-mail:circle.goka@gmail.com). We welcome your provision of information about Touhou Event held in the World (Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, America, Europe, etc.).

Touhou Project (東方Project) is a series of shooting game published by Team Shanghai Alice (上海アリス幻樂団), whitch is composed by ZUN. Music, comic and other kinds of works derive from these shooting games. One of the distinctive feature of Touhou Project is a multitude of parody works created by many Touhou fans. Parody of Touhou Project includes various kinds of works, for exapmle, self-published comics, nobels, music, review, reserch, cosplay. 

Self-published book as discrived avobe is called Doujinshi (同人誌). The Japanese word Doujin (同人) means "company". To transact Doujinshi, many kinds of Doujinshi-sokubaikai (同人誌即売会) are held in Japan and east Asia, especially Taiwan, Korea, China every year. Comic Market is the most famous and largest Doujinshi-sokubaikai around the world. Comic Market is held twice a year in Tokyo, and has more than 500 thousands of participants. Touhou Events are Doujinsi-sokubaikai specialised for transaction of Doujinshi of Touhou Project and interaction of Touhou fan.

Dozens of Touhou events are held in Japan and several countries of Asia every year. The largest and oldest Touhou event is Hakureijinja-Reitaisai (Hakurei Shrine Festivai, held in Tokyo). Other typical Touhou event is Touhou-Koromu (Osaka), Touhou-Meikasai (Nagoya), Daikyushu-Touhousai (Fukuoka), Bunbunmarushinbun-Tomonokai (Kyoto). Ketto.com is announcing schedule of Doujinshi-sokubaikai including Touhou Events (Ketto.com : all Doujinshi-sokubaikai / Touhou events). By refering to Ketto.com, You can check other Touhou events.

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We believe this data is useful for reserch of Doujinshi-sokubaikai, from the point of view of History, ecomonics, Japanese pop culture. You can refer to this data for the purpose of academic reserch and amateur study.